I don’t need to be born again before we collaborate – Obrafour replies Lord Kenya


    Hiplife artiste, Obrafour has wholeheartedly announced readiness to collaborate on a song with Evangelist Lord Kenya but says he does not need to ‘repent’ before it sees the light of day, can report.

    His comment was a direct response to publications which quoted Lord Kenya to have said a collaboration between them would be possible only if Obrafour convinced him [Lord Kenya] that he is born again.

    “Obrafour is my brother. We were in the game together till I was kidnapped by the Holy Spirit. I’m really looking forward to working with him any day but on the condition that he becomes born again Christian. Look, if Obrafour is able to convince me that he is a born-again Christian, then you should expect a gospel song from us,” Lord Kenya reportedly said on Angel Sunset Drive months ago.

    Speaking on Accra FM’s Entertainment Capital, Saturday, Obrafour found the condition unfathomable.

    “I heard it but not directly from Lord…. I don’t understand it. I should repent from what?” he queried.

    “From your sins” said the host, DJ Premier.

    “We are all sinners, including Lord Kenya himself. We are saved by the blood of Jesus. Sometimes, I don’t understand. Most Christians cause others to sin because we think we are too righteous. But the scripture says our righteousness is like a dirty rag in the sight of God. I suggest we leave the judgment for God,” Obrafour replied.

    “I’m ready anytime Lord calls on me for a collaboration. If it is the will of God, we will collaborate on a song regardless of me being a sinner or not,” he added.

    Lord Kenya, a celebrated hiplife artiste put the world behind him seven years ago. His call to evangelism, according to him, started when he went to his regular wee base after seeing off a friend.

    “It was there that I was hit by lightning and fell flat. I tried getting up but couldn’t so I went on my knees in a prayerful pose and started crying like a baby. I refused to take my usual supply of wee that night and headed home but was arrested by the Holy Spirit and ended up in a church in my neighborhood called the Christian Boanerges Gospel Ministry where I was warmly received and anointed,” he narrated to Showbiz.