I found out she was my cousin few days to our wedding – Man shares experience


    Marriage continues to be one of the most adorable but yet still complicated ventures to experience in one’s lifetime.

    We have all heard various stories of how soon-to-be couples got shocked about the truth of their partners and this confession by Elliot Adanu in the Eastern Region is no exception.

    Elliot has been dating this woman for the past 6 years while furthering his Masters education abroad.

    According to him, he met this Ghanaian lady at a hospital in London who looked to approachable and fun to be, with that he decided to be friends with.

    From friendship, the love grew stronger that they both decided to start planning towards marriage hence the choice to fly back to Ghana and meet family members ahead of their wedding.

    “I was the happiest man on earth. All my life I had never met such a lovely lady in my life before, she was more than a God-sent to me that I thought it was now time to finally settle down with the woman of my life,” Elliot stated.

    So they boarded a flight to Accra and spent time together at his apartment in Achimota thence visited her family only to find out that her family members were all known faces.

    “Initially I was stunned. I did not know what was happening so I excused myself for a minute and called her on the phone to come over. I asked if those people were truly her family and she answered in the affirmative,” he stated.

    “It was the gravest disappointment in my life. I nearly fainted but I gathered the courage to approach her father who carried me in his arms when I was a young boy. I guess he had lots of stuff running through his mind” Elliot narrated.

    As usual, Elliot was told that he could not marry the lady since she was part of his family and that they did not permit interbreeding (two blood ties giving birth).

    “I just sat in my car and drove off in tears. I am still heartbroken and just don’t know what to do or who else to fall in love with again, what should I do?” he asked.

    Ever had the same experience as Elliot, do you have any advice for his heartbroken man? Your comments are welcome.