Ghana’s popular and controversial actress ‘Nora Frimpong Manso’ has surfaced in the news over the last couple of weeks for the controversial statements she made.
Not quite long ago, she labelled most Shatta Wale Fans as “Aboboya” Riders, which has received catchy arguable statements from social media user’s.

Speaking to Media in an interview section, Nora said, she has no respect for men who are Irresponsible. She said if men are not ready to go into a relationship, they should not go enter into one .Most ladies out there are suffering because of irresponsible behavior the guys have, making their life’s hallmark to cope with. Ladies are always in pains because of the way their guys are treating them. For a relationship to grow, both sides need to play their roles well, but here is the case whereby most men are not doing that, Nora said.

My advice goes to the young ladies out there is to be very careful about when moving into a relationship, that is, to get a responsible man in their life. I also advice our men to always take good care of ladies when we give our heart to them.