“I have decided to change my mind?” – Cina Soul makes quick U-turn after KiDi called her liar for turning down his proposal

    Cina Soul made a quick u-turn when she was called a liar by KiDi after she had turned down his proposal.

    KiDi had invited Cina Soul to have a taste of the New FanIce (you know KiDi is the brand ambassador of FanMilk) and she had strangely turned it down.

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    So KiDi shared a photo of the two in the studio and called her a liar for turning down the proposal and coming back to say she had had a change of mind.

    He wrote: I asked her if she’ll eat my fanIce, she said no . Now look at her.. Why do women lie so much @Cina_Soul

    Cina Soul was not happy about the description and romantically replied KiDi by saying: Ah So I can’t change my mind later ??

    Clearly, KiDi and Cina Soul appear to be having a good time together and the rapport and energy between the two seem stronger than a mere friendship.

    Several meanings have been read into the tweets with many suggesting that KiDi may just have told Cina Soul something much stronger and weightier than just inviting her for an Ice Cream.

    Is KiDi and Cina Soul seeing each other? Are they dating?

    Well, the decision by Cina Soul to turn down the proposal and later come back with a changed mind to accept it clearly solidifies the bond between the two and the same energy may be replicated should KiDi go ahead and say to her “Can you be my wife?”



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