I have no female radio DJ competition – Ohemaa Woyeje brags


    Three-time Best Female Radio DJ of the year winner, Harey Adjoa Yeboa-Asuama known in showbiz as Ohemaa Woyeje, has slammed critics of her award, saying she is undoubtedly the best female radio DJ.

    According to the host of Adom FM’s mid-morning show, Work and Happiness, some people are unfairly criticising her for winning the award for the third time.

    They say she did not deserve the award because, her producer, Papa Bills happens to be a DJ and sometimes plays the music on her show.

    An unfazed Ohemaa Woyeje replied her critics that they are ignorant of what she does.

    She stated that she has been controlling the turntable for more than seven years since her days at her former stations and she is still doing that on the Work and Happiness show.

    “I remember the first time I won the DJ award, there were lots of funny brouhaha surrounding it. I had people questioning my [credentials]; sometimes Ghanaians don’t enquire to know more about things before drawing conclusions,” she said.

    Ohemaa added that, “People just draw conclusions because they enter my studio once and see Papa Bills playing so they think I am not a DJ. I am a DJ and my producer only plays when I’m packed.”

    Ohemaa Woyeje said she thought since she had won the award twice, the organisers would have given it to someone else but she was wrong.

    According to her, once the organisers recorgnised her efforts and have duly awarded her, Ghanaians should expect more from her in the coming years.

    She stressed that she stands the chance of winning the overall Best DJ Award should female DJs be featured in the category.

    “I can also battle all the big names in DJing if they come to my lane,” she concluded.