I love the ´backside´ of Ghanaian women – Nana Acheampong


    Highlife musician Nana Acheampong has said that he loves the ´backside´ of Ghanaian women and this makes him miss Ghana anytime he is out of the country.

    In an interview with Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii on Kofi TV, the ´borga´ highlife musician said ¨I miss good music of our days. Anytime I am out of the country, I miss the African continent, the sun that shines and our women¨.

    ¨It is not for any reason that I sing to eulogize our women. If you see the back of a Ghanaian woman, you will be forced to look at her face¨ he added.

    ¨The backside of an African woman is better than the face of a white woman¨ he stressed.

    Nana Acheampong said he only eulogize the Ghanaian woman in his song for they have everything be it front or back.

    ¨You need the front and back of a woman so that you will be able to perform¨ he stated.

    About Nana Acheampong

    Nana Acheampong was born in Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region. Nana’s musical career started in middle school where he was the leader of the school band.

    In the beginning of his musical career Nana played in a German band called Talking Drum. Later he formed his own band and participated in several European Tours.

    Nana Acheampong is perhaps best known for his music that is written to pay tribute to Ghana women.

    He broke up from Lumba Brothers music group and have been a solo artist ever since.

    Nana Acheampong has solidified his core audience of both men and women thus making a place for himself in Ghana music history.

    Unlike other fly by night artists Nana Acheampong is known for creating his own musical arrangements; because of this he has gained a tremendous amount of respect from fellow musicians as being a true artist.

    ´Obaatan, Odo Kooye Akye, Na Anka Ebeye Den, Nnaada Me, Maye Obi Dea, Akono, Ashiwo More, Eye Odo Nkoa, Odo Nfitiase, Simeso, Obra Akwan Tu, Medwene Meho, Nipa´ are among some of the hit songs by Nana Acheampong.