I never said pastors without jobs are thieves – Rawlings


    Former President Jerry John Rawlings has again been forced to purge himself of false attributions that sought to pitch him into others.

    The latest of such attributions is a widely circulated post on social media, suggesting that pastors without jobs are thieves.

    “Paul was a tent maker, Peter was a fisherman, Jesus was a carpenter. If your pastor has no day job, he’s a thief,” the post described by the Office of the former President as “fictitious” stated.

    The claim also appeared on “fake” Facebook and Twitter accounts of the former president.

    The statement from the former president’s office said the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of former President Rawlings are: and

    “Members of the public should disregard posts from all other accounts purporting to belong to the former President.”

    Meanwhile measures are being put in place by Mr. Rawlings’ office to forestall the reoccurrence of fake attributions.

    “The verification of the official accounts is in progress and will be concluded shortly,” the statement said.