‘I pay girls to have live sex on SnapChat’ – Queen Farcardi


    Ghanaian prostitute, Queen Farcadi who runs a premium account on SnapChat has revealed in an interview with GHOne’s Berla Mundi that she pays girls from different countries to indulge in live sex for her paid audience.

    According to her, the said girls are paid to engage in ‘erotic sex shows’ with unknown partners for her SnapChat clients which is scheduled for two or more minutes.

    ‘I pay girls to have sex, play with themselves and do sensual dances for two minutes. I bought them from one club, they were strippers. They are three girls from Ivory Coast and I pay them $100 for an hour’.

    The SnapChat ‘whore’ is comfortable and unashamed with anything that fetches her money apart from doing drugs and committing murder.

    “so far as I’m not doing drugs and I’m using my body to make money, I don’t care’’….she stressed.

    The 22-year-old has made bare the fact that she makes GHC30, 000 a month on whoring (10,000 offline and 20,000 online).

    Meanwhile, Queen Farcardi says business had come to a halt temporarily because she needs to attend to her three-month-old baby.