‘I still LOVE Funny Face but…’ – Baby Mama

    Baby Mama of Ghanaian comedian cum actor, Benson Oduro Boateng popularly known in the movie industry as Funny Face, Vanessa has said that he has forgiven the comedian.

    According to her, she has no option than to forgive him as he has three kids with him.

    Speaking in an interview on Angel FM monitored by GhanaNewsPage.Com, she stressed that she was happy seeing her Baby Daddy when she went visiting him at the Psychiatric hospital.

    According to her, she didn’t tell anyone when she first went visiting the actor.

    She pointed out that she wouldn’t be following Funny Face to his house after he has been discharged as she doesn’t want to be her girlfriend anymore.

    Vanessa in the interview told the host that she wouldn’t have left the comedian if he had officially wedded her.

    She held the view that the “cow and chicken” hitmaker wouldn’t have said the things he said to her if she was his wife.

    “I wouldn’t follow him to the house because I wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend again. If he wants me, he knows what to do. I think if I was his official wife, he wouldn’t have said the things he said to me” She said.

    When asked if she still loves the comedian, she confessed that she truly loves her.

    “Me do no paaaaa [I love him a lot]” Vanessa said in the Twi language.



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