I want to know what killed my father – Mills’ son


    Sam Kofi Mills, son of late Prof John Evans Atta Mills has said he is curious to know what killed his father five years ago on July 24.

    According to him, neither he nor the family of the late president is aware of the cause of death.

    At the fifth anniversary ceremony of his father’s passing, young Mills told journalists that: “…If someone approached me or if some sort of investigation might have to be done to find out, of course I will champion the course because he is my father and I want to know”.

    “I still don’t know [the cause of his death], the hospital never gave the family any autopsy report to show that this and this was the cause of why he passed away, so, I don’t think any member of my family will be able to give evidence of how President Mills passed away,” he said at the Asomdwee Park where the commemorative anniversary was held on Monday.

    His position differs from that of his uncle, Samuel Atta Mills, who is the younger brother of Prof Mills.

    The MP for Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem constituency, also on Monday, said that those clamouring to know the cause of death of the late president are “opportunistic” people.

    In his estimation, well-meaning Ghanaians including the true family members of the late president are not asking to know what killed him and so wondered why people who are remote from the family keep pushing for that.

    According to him, those interested in what killed the late president need that information for opportunistic political purposes.

    For him, everything should not be about “NPP and NDC, it is not going to help us, let’s think as Ghanaians”.

    He said on Accra-based Class FM on Monday, July 24 that: “I’m his blood brother, same mother and same father but I’m not asking for that [cause of death]. So, who are the family requesting for that? Those who are his brothers and sisters are not asking for that. Those who are his extended family members in Cape Coast are not asking for that.

    “It is just a few opportunistic people who are asking for this; who claim they are family. How are they family members? How far removed are they?” Mr Mills asked.

    “We all have extended family in other areas who feel that this is the cocoa season and then they need to get involved in whatever they are sharing; there is nothing to share. Actual family is not asking for this; anybody can get up and claim that they are a family member,” Mr Atta Mills emphasised.