I will continue speaking the truth in 2018 -Kennedy Agyapong


    New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand, Kennedy Agyapong has revealed that he will not cease speaking the truth and launching attacks on those in authority who may sleep on their jobs if need be in 2018.

    “I will continue to speak the truth no matter who may be affected by what I say. Ghana’s interest is paramount to me than political parties or individuals”, he disclosed during a Christmas party organized at his residence.

    “Whether NPP or NDC I will say it as it is. What will not help Ghana will be exposed. My resolution is Ghana First. If someone does something which is also commendable I will laud that person because it helps in nation building”, he emphasized.

    He has, therefore, served notice to all who have been appointed to serve in various capacities in government not to champion shady deals because he will not be one of those who will countenance such acts to persist in the current administration.

    He prided himself as a crusader against corrupt acts and a citizen who is prepared to serve his nation as a patriot devoid of which party is in power.

    The lawmaker, however, took the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from persons he may have offended in one way or the other and appealed to them to do same to others indicating that it is the spice of life.