I will curse NPP’s Sammy Awuku if…Prophet


    Founder of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has said he’ll rebuke the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Youth Organizer, Sammy Awuku over his conduct he describes as unacceptable.

    According to him, he’ll invoke curses on polliticians like Sammy Awuku who have a rabble-rousing character if they dare challenge him.

    The vibrant youthful politician in the run-up to the 2012 election, then in his capacity as a Deputy Communication Director of the NPP, was caught on tape making the following speech to TESCON members, the tertiary institution wing of his party (NPP) in Koforidua:

    “….As soon as the NPP is declared winners of the 2012 elections, those of you who have finished school and do not have jobs, should take positions. Do not call me to ask me where should I stand, just take positions….if it is a Metro mass office that is near you, take position, if it is NHIS, take position; because myself (Sammy Awuku), I am also targeting some files.

    At that time Annor Dompreh your constituency youth organiser will also be taking his position, so do not call him. If you go to take your positions and your authority is questioned; that is when you have to call your constituency youth organiser. After taking your positions, we will then come and put things in order….”

    His comment was roundly condemned by a large section of the public who considered it unfortunate and provocative.

    Speaking to Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM Monday, Prophet Badu Kobi, stated that he wouldn’t have spared Sammy Awuku if he were his church member.

    “If Sammy Awuku were to be in my church, I would have sanctioned him for his rabble-rousing attitude following his statements calling on NPP supporters to take positions as soon as the NPP was declared winners of the 2012 elections. NPP supporters actually acted on his statement with the Delta Force assault on the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator. He’s a politician who goes to church, I once met his pastor and asked him…so Sammy Awuku when he comes to church what do you tell him.? I told the pastor that whenever I meet Sammy Awuku, I’ll take him on.

    “If such politicians make a mistake and challenge me, I’ll curse them. How on earth can you say people should take position after elections, is Ghana at war? You[Sammy Awuku] attends Assemblies of God Church, is this what your pastor teaches you at church? You didn’t learn from your humiliation and disciplinary action meted to you at the Supreme Court. I’m looking for him one-on-one to pump some strong words into his head. We the pastors must always say what is right and not fear people in authority.”