I won’t leave post – Ridge Hospital boss


    The Medical Director of Ridge Hospital Dr. Thomas Anaba has served notice he will not vacate his post, despite orders from the health minister Kwaku Agyeman Manu that he should leave.

    Dr. Anaba, who was appointed in 2016 was given his marching orders by the Public Services Commission on Monday, May 15, 2017 three years short of the expiration of his term.

    Although no reason was given for his sacking, Starr News understands that the Public Services Commission had acted upon a directive from the health minister, who has subsequently appointed Dr. Anaba’s predecessor, Emmanuel Kwabla Srofenyoh as new director.

    Speaking in an exclusive interview with Starr News’ Atiewin Mbillah-Lawson, Dr. Anaba described the minister’s directive as “an abuse of power.”

    He stressed that he will not step down or hand over until he is given concrete explanations for his dismissal.

    “They said I should hand over immediately and I can’t take two hours to hand over immediately because this is not a small project I’m managing. There are several things I have to tell the incoming director,” Dr. Anaba, whose appointment in 2016 was characterized by controversies, said.

    He accused the minister and the Director General of the Ghana Health Service of seeking their “selfish interest.”

    “However, I have requested for explanations why they dismissed me while I’m planning to either handover if they want or I continue. Medical directors are not appointed by Director Generals or Ministers. They are appointed by a Council and we don’t have a Council and besides you have to be interviewed.

    “So if he is using him as a director then this is an abhorrent situation in this moment. You see I’m going to put this hospital at the hands of this man just because of people’s self-interest – the minister and the director general because they are the people who don’t want Anaba to work here… do they have a reason. It’s just abuse of power,” Dr. Anaba stated.

    He said he is ready to battle his case in court.

    “I have written to my legal team and we have written to them and we are giving ourselves sometime to follow,” Dr. Anaba opined.

    Meanwhile, a former Health Minister Alex Segbefia has charged government to be transparent on the dismissal of the Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital.

    “You will have to do it in a manner which was more transparent, it show possibly some level of distaste. If you give someone two hours to vacate his office, I don’t think it’s appropriate even if the vacation is right you would have to give some level of time for the vacation of office to take place but the question is; is it right?” Segbefia asked.