If you are nominated, they will do same to you – Joe Mettle replies Ras Kuuku


    Joe Mettle’s nomination in the VGMA 22 ‘Artiste of the Year’ category appears contentious, but he seems unfazed by critics, especially Ras Kuuku, who proposed that Fameye deserves Joe Mettle’s position on the list.

    As a one-time winner of the category, Joe Mettle is taking it all in his stride as he revealed that he had no hand in his nomination because he didn’t even file for the award scheme. He said, “Actually, I didn’t even file, but my manager ended up filing behind my back. So, that’s why it came to me as a surprise. As I said, I think because I didn’t officially file myself. I didn’t know that my name had been filed for nominations.”

    Speaking on HitzDayBreak, Joe Mettle expressed his surprise about comments targeted at his person when he doesn’t feature on the award academy board. He also welcomed all critics, including Ras Kukuu, whom he reminded would have been him if he was that one on the list. According to Joe Mettle, this ‘undeserving talk’ happens every year in the industry.

    “I have been seeing some of the things. I’m like, oh, I see. And the comments and stuff. But I’m not the one that makes the selection or picks the names. Sometimes I don’t know why the people come after me… It was Ras Kuuku’s comment that I saw. Oh, I laughed. Because he shouldn’t worry if he was also nominated, they would do the same to him. So it’s a normal thing. And I wouldn’t expect less.

    “There’s a criterion that they use in the decision making. And so, if the organizers think that per the criteria, you fit the category, that’s what makes them nominate you. There are a lot of things that the fact that it’s not out there doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I think for myself for a while now, I haven’t been posting a lot of things because sometimes I feel there are too many. So I hide it. But they exist. Those who know, know.”

    Accordingly, he acknowledged his competitors on the list and wished them well. “I have always said this thing that anyone that is in the category can win. Don’t underestimate anybody. I can win, and anybody else can win,” Joe Mettle asserted.