If you can’t play a live band, you are not a musician – KK Fosu

    Veteran Ghanaian highlife musician, Kaakyire Kwame Fosu, popularly known in Showbiz as KK Fosu, has said that a musician who cannot perform in a live band is not a musician.

    During an interview on HappyFM, KK Fosu said, “Some musicians are unable to part into the various keys, and this always breaks my heart when I see or hear them sing. Some also do not know the music terms, which is very bad”.

    According to KK, based on observations he has made in the music industry, a musician who cannot play and perform live band is not talented enough to be called a musician.

    “Let’s take it this way if you can’t play live band, forget to be part of the game. If you can’t play nor perform with a live band, I don’t see you as a musician. I would be frank with you,” he said.

    KK Fosu concluded that at his age, he can wow large crowds with electric performances. But some musicians of this generation are unable to do.




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