The incumbent chairman of the NDC Mr muro Awale A.K.A BB at Akwatia constituency has said he will support ex President Mahama if he lose the upcoming election at constituency level.

He further said that looking at uncounless projects done by ex President mahama at constituency he need to supported come 2020 general election .

He also pleaded with the government to do something about the situation at the GCDGL hospital because when they were in government there was nothing like light out and the hospital is supporting a number of people in the constituency so the government should do something so that the people will be free from any disease.

Chairman Moro said he has done a lot for the constituency since he became the Chairman so the delegates should vote for him again to continue his good work to retrieve the parliamentary seat and continue to help in winning the presidency for the NDC coming 2020.

Source: Kofi Adjei//