I’m ready to go to jail – A Plus vows never to pay TV license fees

    Controversial rapper A Plus, known in real life as Kwame Asare Obeng, has declared that he is ready to go to jail because of TV license fees.

    According to him, he will never pay TV license to the state broadcaster even if it means going to jail.

    His outburst followed reports that the Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, has set up a special court to deal with TV license fee defaulters.

    The decision to set up the court followed appeals from the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

    With this new development, defaulters will be fined and may also face jail time for non-payment of the TV license fees.

    The news has been greeted with public outburst with many threatening not to pay the fees to the state broadcaster.

    In condemning the fees, A Plus is quoted as saying, “What is on GTV that anyone must go to jail for not paying to watch! First, it was tow levy. Now it’s this nonsense. I will never pay!!! 2018 I will organize a demonstration against TV license.”

    The ‘Aben Be Bom’ hit singer added that he is ready to face jail time.

    “I want to be the first to go to jail for not paying TV license. Ghanaians are under pressure already. Bring this nonsense and jail them and see what will happen in 2020. Abi you remember the motor court? …”

    He noted that any government that will try to implement such fees on an already overburdened Ghanaians is wicked.

    “Any government which charge it’s poor people import duty for TV sets and charge them annually for owning it is very wicked and clueless!!! Give me liberty or give me death,” A Plus said.



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