I’m still waiting for Mr Right — Diana Asamoah


    She may be in her forties and her biological clock may be ticking but Gospel musician, Evangelist Diana Asamoah is patient to wait until she meets the right man before she settles down.

    The Ghanaian society’s love for marriage and childbirth often puts enormous pressure on women and often they take decisions that they later regret which is why the Akoko Abon singer says although she has a lot of men knocking on her doors, she is still waiting on the Lord to take the right decision.

    “I get a lot of men walking into the studios of Rainbow Radio where I preach saying God has asked them to marry me but because God has not told me anything yet I am patiently waiting upon Him,” she told Showbiz last Friday

    In interviews in previous years, she had said she was dedicated to winning souls for God and did not mind being single to achieve her mission.

    In light of that she does not even pay heed to pressure from friends and family to get married saying emphatically that no one can tell her what to do because she only takes orders from God.

    “It is only God I depend on for direction. I prefer to worship the Lord, stay single and inherit the kingdom of God than marry and not go to heaven. A lot of Christians will not go to heaven because of marriage. It is preventing so many Christians from worshipping God,“ she said.

    Diana Asamoah insists she is not against marriage and said once the Lord directs her as to who to marry, she would not hesitate to do so.

    Come December 4 at the Accra International Conference Centre, Diana Asamoah will hold her ABBA Father concert aimed at thanking God for successful elections.

    “We have never had a war before in this country and I think staging a concert to praise our maker is in the right direction. We have Bro. Sammy, Ceccy Twum, Ohemaa Mercy, Mark Abraham among others” she said.

    The concert according to Diana Asamoah is also to draw Ghanaians close to God. “Whoever comes to the ABBA Father concert will never be the same because God’s anointing will be experienced,” she said.