Indonesians eat giant snake after man defeats snake


    A giant python in Indonesia met an unfortunate end when it was eaten after it lost a battle with a local man.

    Security guard Robert Nababan encountered the snake on a palm oil plantation road in Sumatra’s Batang Gansal district on Saturday.

    Mr Nababan tried to catch the python, reports say, which was nearly 8m (26ft) long.

    It attacked him, and man and reptile fought until Mr Nababan killed it with the help of some villagers.

    The guard survived with serious injuries.

    It is unclear why he tried to catch the python. Varying reports say he was either trying to keep scared villagers safe or that he was trying to clear the road.

    Local police told AFP news agency that the python had sunk its fangs into the guard’s left arm and nearly severed it.

    He was rushed to a hospital where he is still recovering.

    The python was not so lucky – its body was strung up for display at a village, before it was chopped up, fried and eaten.

    In March another encounter with a giant snake turned out differently, when an Indonesian villager was found dead in the belly of a python.