Group CONCERNED INTERNS IN MEDIA has asked the sanitation Minister, Miss Cecilia Abena Dapaah to apologize to Multimedia intern, Rahinatu Abdul Bach.

Rahinatu Abdul Bach was verbally assaulted when she wanted to get the ministry’s reaction to reports, on persons caught littering and ordered to pick up the litter or sweep the streets.

The Minister said, ““You don’t let an intern call a minister, an elderly person like me? Please respect the office even if you don’t respect me as a human being”

In a Statement copied to, the Convener, Nana Kojo Prempeh said the Minster should  retract and apologize because ‘internship is not incompetence”.

Read full statement:


We the CONCERNED INTERNS IN MEDIA (CIIM) have noticed with regret the verbal assault rained on an intern with Adom FM, Rahinatu Abdul Bach who is also a student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) by Minister of Sanitation, Cecelia Dapaah.

Our checks indicate that the rather unfortunate event which occurred on July 12, 2019, has since left the young lady in a state of emotional trauma. Rahinatu Abdul Bach’s only crime was to enquire from the Minister her reaction to reports persons caught littering are ordered to pick up the litter or sweep streets. Sadly this angered the minister who could not understand why an intern would be asked by her editor to interview a minister of State.

Interestingly, when the Minister was quizzed by Adom FM’s editor on the issue, she maintained that the radio station shows respect to her office by not sending interns to interview her.

We the CONCERNED INTERNS IN MEDIA (CIIM) see this as an attack on the media and in an era where our seniors face constant attacks on the job, we think this is an affront to government’s effort to ensure the security and safety of journalists.

Even though Rahinatu Abdul Bach was not physically attacked, the emotional torture she went through in the hands of Madam Cecelia Dapaah has made her very afraid to continue in her work especially conducting interviews.

We are by this release demanding an apology from Madam Cecelia Dapaah, failure of which will compel us to petition the presidency. We also humbly call on the GJA to intervene and ensure the safety of all journalists, whether interns or not.

We stand with Rahinatu and say “INTERNSHIP IS NOT INCOMPETENCE!”

Source: Ghana | | William Kabutey Dosoo



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