It’s very difficult to live with one wife – Dag Heward-Mills confesses


    The founder of the Light House Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward Mills has said it is very dificult for a man to live with only one woman all the rest of his life.

    The Bishop made these comments during one of his preachings at his annually organised Iron Sharpeneth Iron Conference which was held on the 28-30 July 2016 at the Church’s auditorium, Qodesh in Accra.
    According to him, the marital journey becomes very challenging and frustrating as the years goes by, hence other men who are not strong enough to endure the challenges within resort to indulging in extra marital affairs.

    He said there is the need to commend all men who have been able to leave with only one wife all the rest of their life. He also advice children not to disrespect or dishonour their father just becaus he married another woman aside their mother.

    Bishop Dag who is known for his blunt statements on very sensitive issues which most Pastors will like to avoid for fear of public backlash recently created public controversy when his audio message on sex between married couples in which he advised on what to do to keep marital sex exciting went viral.