I’ve regretted travelling abroad – Ghanaian lady trapped in Kurdistan cries

    Twenty- Five (25) year-old Elizabeth Tawiah who thought travelling abroad was the only way she could make it in life is regretting her action and wished she never would have taken the risk.

    The lady who is currently trapped in the Western Asian country of Kurdistan revealed that she used her capital from her small business to travel with the hope life would be better compared to what she was going through.

    Speaking in an interview, Elizabeth Tawiah disclosed how she was promised by the agent who facilitated the trip that life will be good and that she could reap her investments in multiple folds within the shortest possible time.

    “The agent who did my process to travel to Kurdistan took Ghc1000 which is my capital and told me to pay the rest when I start working. I was eager to leave Ghana because of the hardship I was going through but now I wish I’m back in Ghana.  I’m really suffering in Kurdistan but I have no money even for a plane ticket to come back home.  I have no option but to accept the bad treatment here” she narrated

    “I went to Lebanon and that country is like a hell. The agent gave me a house to work as a maid and every morning I wake up to clean human blood on the floor. I was staying with them but none of them was talking to me. I didn’t know the work they were doing but every midnight people come there to buy something which I don’t know but I will wake up to see human blood on the floor” Elizabeth shockingly revealed.

    “I was starved for three days all because they failed to pay me for some months and I complained. Sometimes I have to sneak to steal food in the kitchen to eat. I remember I ate food in the dustbin because of hunger”

    She added that “I will not blame Lebanon or Kurdistan people for treating some Ghanaians bad but I will blame the agents who always lie to convince people because of their selfish interest. The agent will tell you when you go you will get good work to do and earn more money but when you arrive,  you will realize it is all a lie”

    “There are some Ghanaians who are spending some years in Kurdistan and Lebanon prison for the crime they never committed. When they don’t want to pay you after working for them then they will accuse you of theft”, she added.

    “I wish I didn’t come here but what can I do? My only prayer is to get money so I can come back to Ghana because the pains and the suffering is too much compared to my home country”, she lamented

    Elizabeth appealed to Ghanaians who are eager to travel to be vigilant in order to avoid being deceived by some agents who always pursue their personal interests.



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