Jealous man bathes lover with acid for allegedly cheating on him

    A 25-year-old lady, Grace Amezando, has had one of her ears totally burnt and her face disfigured after her displeased boyfriend she cohabited within a kiosk at Ashongman Estates attacked her with an acidic substance.

    Other parts of her body, her hands and chest have also been deformed making it difficult to stretch her hands.

    According to the mother of two, her boyfriend, Bright Bosso, prior to the attack, alleged she was cheating on him and threatened to make her look like an old woman.

    “We had a misunderstanding on the 11th of May and he said I thought I was beautiful and that is why men are chasing me so I should wait and see. I would look unattractive very soon,” she told crimecheckghana.



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