Jealous man chops off co-worker’s arm for giving girlfriend GH¢5 in his absence

    A 30-year-old man has been hospitalised following a cutlass assault on him by his jealous co-worker for giving money to his girlfriend to buy food for their child in his absence.

    According to a report filed by UTV, the incident happened at Brema Kuntunasi in the Breman Asikuma Odoben Brakwa district in the Central region.

    It is gathered that the victim, now in a critical condition, had earlier been warned by the suspect Akwesi Amisah to stay off his woman over suspicion of having some secret affair with her.

    On the day of the incident, Akwesi Amisah’s girlfriend is reported to have visited him on a construction site to collect money for the upkeep of their child but she did not meet the boyfriend.

    She then reached out to the victim for GH¢5, which he gave her GH¢20 and asked her to return the change later.

    On his return, a bird whispered to Akwesi Amisah about his girlfriend’s visit to the site and the money his co-worker gave to her to buy food for the child.

    Angered by the development, the suspect stormed out of the site and returned with a matchet to hack his friend, chopping off his hand and leaving him with life-threatening wounds.

    The victim was rushed to Our Lady of Gace hospital in the Central region where he’s responding to treatment.

    Meanwhile, the suspect, Akwesi Amisah is also in critical condition as residents apprehended and beat him up after he butchered his friend, before handing him over to the police.

    He is currently receiving treatment under police watch while they commence an investigation.



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