John Boadu declares ‘blow for blow’ against NDC Minority in parliament

    General Secretary for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) John Boadu has dared Members of Parliament on the Minority side to try causing chaotic scenes in the Parliament of Ghana as the house reconvenes.

    Parliament has been marred with several clashes between the Majority and Minority since the government introduced e-levy.

    Both sides of the house have divergent views on the levy and since the Majority is bent on using all means to get it passed, the Minority has made it a point to ensure that the levy does not see the light of day.

    Speaking on Accra-based Neat FM, John Boadu said they Majority side will not sit aloof and watch the Minority play the fool in the house this time around.

    “When they decided to take the Speaker’s seat I hope you saw what happened? They should go there and try it. If this is their thinking, a party that organized a coup are the the ones to defend the constitution?

    The NPP General Secretary called on the people of Ghana to condemn the NDC for their acts of violence and especially the support of their General Secretary who spurred them on to even slap the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

    “Did the constitution say if you are defending it you should do it by slapping people? By dragging the seat of Speakers? by booting ballot boxes around, is that what the constitution says? If we are to allow this kind of behaviour are we going to live in the country in peace?

    Do you think we are represented by weaklings? If they want and they say they are prepared to show us that they are men…even the constitution that they don’t understand and in their very very lack of understanding of the constitution and they feel that they will use slaps to correct their mistakes they should go and slap and let’s see. You think I’m going to tell my MPs that when they are slapped on the right cheek they should turn the left? What kind of leadership is this? You have lost and lost elections but you won’t change,” he said.




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