Judges who become political will be treated as politicians – Xavier-Sosu warn

    Madina Member of Parliament (MP), Francis Xavier-Sosu, has warned judges who become political will be treated as politicians.

    He has, therefore, cautioned the judiciary against being partisan in the discharge of their duties.

    The Human Rights lawyer made the appeal during the National Democratic Congress’ Yentua demo against the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-levy) on Thursday.

    “I am begging you, if you make yourself a political judge, you will be treated as a political judge. What it means is that when you become partisan as a judge remember that your tenure of office as a judge will run with the political party that you favour.

    “Let that be clear because political power is very transient, positions are not possessions so people will come, people will go,” he stated.

    Meanwhile, the MP is currently standing trial over the unlawful blockade of public roads and destruction of public property in his constituency during a street protest he led last year but it is unclear if his comments have anything to do with the trial process.



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