JUST IN: Female passenger SHOT in Daylight Robbery at Achimota

    One person sustained gunshot wounds when gunmen attacked a 4 X 4 Pick Up carrying two females and robbed them of an amount of money at Achimota in the Greater Accra.

    The incident which happened around 3:00pm on Monday afternoon, according to an eye witness has sent waves down the spines of pedestrians, hawkers and other traders around the Achimota Overhead who witnessed the incident.

    Narrating what happened, the eye witness who preferred to remain anonymous said the Pick Up truck which was in traffic and was heading towards Nsawam from Accra was accosted by the robbers who numbered four.

    “Two people each were on a motorbike, when they got to the traffic light, they stopped their motorbikes and pulled out their big guns…one of them stood in the middle of the road and started firing warning shots while the others drove directly to the unregistered 4 X 4 vehicle and attacked the women in there…,” the eye witness said.

    A female passenger who was with the driver was shot by one of the robbers in the hand while another robber went straight to the driver’s side of the vehicle, opened the door and snatched the bag containing the money from her and jumped unto the bike.

    “All these happened in a spate of about 30 seconds or a minute and they drove off using the Apenkwa section of the N1 Highway…,” the eye witness said further.

    Some Military men who were in the traffic but drove past the area before the incident happened reportedly drove back upon hearing the gunshots.

    “By the time the soldiers arrived, the robbers had bolted with their booty so they helped take the injured lady to the Achimota Hospital for treatement…,” he said.



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