Kasoa tollbooth squeaky clean after GHone TV report


    Authorities at the Ga South municipal Assembly have collected the heap of rubbish at the Kasoa tollbooth a day after GHONE TV spotlighted the insanitary conditions at the various booth on the Accra-Kasoa cape coast Highway

    Booths which hitherto were swamped with filth have now been kept squeaky clean and pavements appeared clean at the time of our visit. Doors of the booths which were left ajar have now been closed with no sight of the hawker’s receptacles which were earlier spotted in them.

    Fred Asamoah, a resident in the area was thankful to GHONE TV for the reportage .

    ”We’re so thankful to GHONETV for shinning light on the insanitary condition at the booth. Intaially, the area was in such a mess.”

    He also called on authorities to be proactive in the upkeep of the booths.

    The assurance from the Ga South Municipal Assembly on driving away the hawkers on the street was yet to kick in.

    As the country embarks on Operation Clean your frontage , residents in the Ga South Municipal Assembly hope that the tidiness around the Accra cape-coast toll booth will not be a nine day wonder.