Kidi arrives at Oswald’s school to perform for free

    Singer Kidi has honoured his promise of performing for Christ Ambassadors School of Excellence Christ Ambassadors School after he sighted a letter of a nine-year-old pupil, Oswald, petitioning her mother on items he would want for his ‘Our Day’ event.

    The ‘Touch It’ hitmaker was touched after he saw the detailed letter the brilliant kid sent to his mother asking her to note and not forget the list he has made for him to celebrate his end of term in grand style.

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    Indeed, Kidi has arrived at the school situated at Sakaman, Dansoman, eager to perform for free so the kids can have the ultimate fun.

    He also revealed Fidelity Bank was opening a kids account for Oswald to support his education.

    Meanwhile, Oswald, after penciling down all the items which included packs of biscuits, bottles of drinks and his iPad, reminded his mother that: “It’s my day on Friday so please don’t disappoint me. Otherwise, you will ruin my day and if I don’t celebrate well, I will have to wait for a long time again.”


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