Kwaku Oteng finally breaks silence on multiple wives and side chicks

    Founder and President of the Angel Group of Companies Kwaku Oteng has for the very first time spoken passionately about claims he has multiples and bevy of concubines known as side chicks

    The businessman who touts himself as a ‘Man of God’ described the claims as unfounded and creation by some people on social media just to court disaffection for him and his household.

    He spoke at an event organized on his honour by the Friends of Dr. Kwaku Oteng Society-Ghana in Kumasi last Saturday and did not mince words in setting the records straight in a video sighted by

    Flanked by his first wife, Madam Yaa Bempomaa and eldest child, Hon. Francisca Oteng Mensah, MP for Kwabre East.

    “Sometimes people say all manner of things about you on social media which is not true. A good person is hated. People say I have 5 or 6 wives it is never true. About 2 percent of the all the things they say may be true but the others are lies. I beg you; it is the one who has reputation that is mentioned…if you have no reputation no one mentions you. It is me who is mentioned for the sins of my boys…. Dr. Kwaku Oteng has done this or that. If you want someone who is committed to God it is me. I have never fought before so I want you all today to ignore those falsehood being peddled about me”, he urged.

    The latest revelation comes barely a few months after he was quoted to have advised colleague men to rather keep multiple wives as that comes with many blessings compared to keeping side chicks.

    Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Vaultz Magazine, the businessman wondered why men will keep secret concubines in the name of obeying the teachings of the bible when in actual sense there is nowhere in the good book abhorring polygamy.

    “A lot of men in this country who are married have girlfriends or concubines in their numbers. But those of us who are courageous are the ones who bring in the ladies as second or third wives. Some of the men even go to the extent of hiding their biological children because they are born out of wedlock but I don’t do that. For me when I father a child with a woman, I make it public for all to see. I have experienced that ordeal in the past and so I don’t want that child to go through the same. There’s nowhere in the word of God that it’s written that a man should marry one wife. So, it’s not a sin. Moreover, everyone who marries more than one wife experiences God’s blessings because you are catering to the needs of God’s creation. You are taking care of the needs of the woman and her God’s and all these people are God’s creation. So, marrying two or more wives is not a sin. If people have the understanding, they would have all married more than one wife. What is gives the most peace of marrying more than one wife.‘ He urged.




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