Kwesi Botchwey can’t hold NDC to ransom – Koku Anyidoho


    Deputy General Secretary of main opposition National Democratic Congress has dismissed suggestions any activity by the National Executive Committee of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will conflict with the work of Prof. Kwesi Botchwey’s Committee.

    Koku Anyidoho argues, the National Executive Committee (NEC), put together the Kwesi Botchwey Committee, to operate on behalf of the NDC to ascertain the cause of defeat in the 2016 general election and the way forward.

    Speaking in an interview, Koku Anyidoho insisted that aside the assignment given to the Kwesi Botchwey Committee, the NDC National Executive Committee cannot fold its arms and not even breathe without working to help the party.

    “National Executive Committee gave Kwesi Botchwey Committee the power to operate. They didn’t fall from the sky and so we still have power to go on with our duties to help the party. We cannot fold our arms and even not breathe because Kwesi Botchwey Committee is working, no way,” he stated.

    He reiterated that “the NDC NEC mandated the Kwesi Botchwey Committee to carry out this small task to see the way forward; it doesn’t mean that minus Kwesi Botchwey Committee, we cannot do any other work.”

    The Deputy General Secretary’s comment is borne out of the argument that the NDC NEC working with the UNDP on policy document is in conflict with the Kwesi Botchwey Committee as it is not ready with its report to guide the party in the next election.

    Anyidoho added that the policy document started last year before the 2016 election, thus what the NDC NEC did last weekend at Elmina was the continuation of what started last year before the Kwesi Botchwey Committee was set up to look into the cause of the party’s defeat.

    He stressed that the policy document has nothing to do with the work of the Kwesi Botchwey Committee as this policy document will help the NDC in future; thus, they are two mutually exclusive issues