LEAKED AUDIO: TT BEGS MzGee for left leftover food

    An audio conversation in which former television actor, Psalm Adjeiteyfio, popularly known as TT is asking renowned entertainment journalist, Gloria Akpene Nyarku, MzGee to spare him some leftover food has been leaked.

    The 3minute audio sighted by GhanaNewsPage.Com was first published by Zionflexdotcom on Monday, January 10 on Instagram.

     It is unclear who recorded and subsequently leaked the one sided conversation in which the actor asked MzGee to spare him some leftover food if she has any in her kitchen.

    In the video the celebrated actor who was in the news recently asking for financial support said he was in dire situation because he has invested all the money the Vice President gifted him.

    TT said other promises made by some members of the public including that of the Greater Accra Regional Minister has also not been forth coming and that was responsible for his current predicament.

    He said in the audio, “MzGee good afternoon. Am wondering if you would have some leftovers in your kitchen to spare? Reason is you know people who use to help have all withdrawn their help when they heard that the Vice President had given me the money but you will agree with me that such monies you need to invest wisely and that is what I have done and when you make investment too it will take time before you will start enjoying it. Now I was so hopeful that what the Greater Accra Regional Minister promise will be forth coming regularly but it came ones and that all. I was in his office a few days ago as a follow up and I was told that he had traveled and they are on leave,”

    “Right now the situation has created a lot of problems for me. You know a lot of people use to help me a lot but now everybody … I even understood that some people had contributed some money in the US for me, the moment they heard it everybody went for his own. Also and the letter the Greater Accra Minister sent to me there was a mention of one McDan that he has given me 5000 but is not true. Recently I contacted one Ga chief that is close to the man and he made me understand that the man actually release the money but when he heard that the Vice President has given that money he also recall his money back so this is the trend .  Right now it a bit difficult for me so that is why I am saying if you have some leftovers from your kitchen and you could spare because as it is now, it is really difficult for me. Thank,” TT further explained.


    Ghanaians react to TT’s leftover audio leaked

    Followers of the blogger have however, not taken the post lightly as they have descended heavily on the blogger and MzGee over the post.

    They were of the view, the post seeks to humiliate the actor who only sought help in confidentiality.

    Others have also shared varied opinions.


    “He asked for leftovers and you decided to record him ? What for? This is wrong Mzgee. He confided in you. If you cant help him,let him know n end it right there”.

    @amandajissih “very very unnecessary! She didn’t try at all”

    @amandajissih “so wrong…. @iammzgee u ought to bow your head in shame if u recorded n leaked this. How can you put someones dad thru such ridicule…You were obviously not happy people did all sort of terrible things to u at Multimedia but here u are humiliating an innocent man who just needs help….. Pray u never find yourself in a position of need or want for anything at all”.

    @amandajissih “even if @iammzgee was wrong in recording him, if @zionfelixdotcom had nt posted we wouldn’t have seen it. We should be mindful of what we post. Also hv a look at his caption”.

    “Why in Gods name would someone trust u and ve such a very personal conversation with you only from u to record n leak it….why can u just walk away if u cant help him….y would u go to the extent of embarassing him this way when u knw the issues that ve surrounded his plea for support in recent times….very cruel world…God forgive whoever leaked ths conversation”.

    “Cancel the investment and go for your money papa”

    @nana_kekyire_ “by this time u talking about family lol Chale some families they don’t care oo”

    “I don’t know y Ghanaians re tolerating this me hwe some of us we need help more than him our beauty has covered our problems oo”



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