Rapper Sarkodie’s wife, Tracy Owusu Addo, has asked the Bank of Ghana (BoG) to leave Menzgold alone and rather focus on the banks.

Tracy has suggested in a post she authored that contrary to the BOG’s assertions that Menzgold is involved in deposit-taking, what they actually do is trading of gold.

He has therefore asked the BOG to leave Menzgold alone and concentrate its efforts on banks which she asserts, are “misappropriating people’s money“.

Her post read: “Menzgold doesn’t take deposit. They buy gold with the money you give them and work with that gold to give you a return on your investment. Which the last time I checked, was around 10%. BOG should rather concentrate on the banks that are misappropriating people’s money rather than the ones actually making money for its people…”

The BOG has recently warned the Ghanaian public to desist from making deposits at the gold-trading company, insisting they were in a breach of the financial laws of the state.

But CEO of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah has, through a social media response, rubbished the claims, saying the central bank was wrong in its assertion and position on his outfits business.

Tracy, however, issued a disclaimer, saying she wasn’t an ambassador of Menzgold.

The misconception comes from the fact that the offer is just too good to be true which automatically breeds suspicion. Anyway…disclaimer: please I’m not a Menzgoldambassador,” she wrote.