Leila Djansi threatens to pepper spray a man, beat him to a pulp


    A highly known Ghanaian producer Leila Afua Djansi has called for a fight between her and a man who opposed to her comments on her Facebook page.

    The proud producer of Where Children Play has indicated she was going to beat the young man to a pulp as well as spray his eyes with pepper to end him in a hospital.

    According to her “I will beat you to a pulp, pepper spray your stupid face and then use my taser. So come prepared, I dare you”.

    Apparently, the whole argument started when Leila wrote on her page that she was fully in support of Charlotte Osei, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) and that if the country had issues with her, they should as well nullify the 2016 election results.

    This somehow did not go down well with one Joseph Oppong Brenyah, having ended in the use of harsh languages by both.

    “I’m not just a man. I’m the head of ICT and Media Relations at National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan-NEIP”. Oppong wrote.

    According to Leila she was ready to insult any body who dared insulted her having indicated she wasn’t going to behave like John Dumelo (an actor) who never reacted when a section of the public condemned him for his political ambitions.

    Meanwhile, if everything should go as planned, Leila and her fighting comrade are to meet at Golden Tulip, Accra, coming Tuesday, the 19th of December at 8pm.