LGBTQ Bill: Parliament has misplaced priorities – Group

    The President of The Humanist Association of Ghana, Kwabena Antwi Boasiako, has fumed at the Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin over his comments on the raging LGBTQ bill.

    The speaker, when the bill was put before the House, served notice any attempt to delay the passage of the controversial bill will not be tolerated.

    He also hinted that the consideration and final voting process will be open to the public.

    But speaking to Naa Deedei Tettey on Starr Today Mr. Boasiako said “as the speaker rightly mentioned, this is the time in ensuring democracy, and so we want to give opportunities for everyone to be heard. However, I am really hoping for the fact that he said, parliament will not tolerate undue delay in the passing of the bill. And of course, the live telecast is also in a positive direction so that Ghanaians will observe how things are going.”

    He added that “they are not tolerating any delays, and it is also a clear indicator to the average Ghanaian that no matter how bad the economic situation in the country is, no matter how bad we have food situation, we have health issues, we have infrastructure issues, none of these will be fast-tracked, but yes, let’s fast-track taking the right from other people, and I think it will be a clear message to the average Ghanaian where their allegiances lie, where they are putting their energy”.

    Meanwhile, the Speaker has also noted that Parliament will employ common sense in passing the anti-gay bill before the House.

    The bill before the House is christened “the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Right and the Ghanaian Family Values,” and has for some time now, generated heated national conversations.




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