Lifestyle: 10 items you will find in every Ghanaian lady’s bag


    A woman’s bag is like her second closet, any and everything could be found in there.

    Bags are a big deal to all ladies. They are seen with different bags of various shapes, colors, and sizes every day. Ghanaian ladies really love their bags. Some like to have the larger colorful types and other prefer simple practical ones.

    Have you ever wondered what is inside a Ghanaian girl’s bag? Here are 10 items you’ll find in every Ghanaian lady’s bag.

    1. Lipstick/Lipgloss: This is the first thing you see in a Ghanaian girl’s bag. They never leave home without it. Some carry a full on makeup bag, but not always. The lip gloss/ lipstick is an essential item that is almost a part of the bag itself.

    2. Phone: God forbid you forget this at home. It is close to a life support machine for the ladies. They are never without their phones, it is practically attached to the bag.

    3. Headphones: ladies,you know this is true. Earphones are very important to the ladies. It is constantly in use, whether they are listening to music in a trotro or tuning out the annoying male seatmate.

    4. Handkerchief: This is probably the number one item you find. Often, there is more than one handkerchief in a Ghanaian girl’s bag. They are always neatly ironed and slightly perfumed.

    5. Mini Pack of tissues: Next to the handkerchief, this is next most important item in their bag. With the many uses for tissues especially for a girl, it is no surprise to find one pack of these in every Ghanaian girl’s bag. They are probably used more than the handkerchief

    6. Hand sanitizer/ Hand lotion: Either one of these or perhaps both are a constant in a Ghanaian girl’s bag. The hand lotions are very common. Ladies like to keep their hands moisturized and healthy. You think those hands are so soft without some help?

    7. Purse: No one every goes out without their purse. But with Ghanaian ladies, the purse is extra important. You often see really colorful, fancy purses as they pick them out from their bag. It is an essential, precious part of the bag.

    8. Notebook and pen: Girls like to write stuff down. In every bag, there is a little notebook and pen, usually a diary with dates for them to write events of the day and plans for the next day.

    9. Spare underwear: Believe it or not, most Ghanaian ladies carry spare underwear in the bags. This is usually a precautionary action, just in case they may need it.

    10. Hair brush: Another very essential item. Hair combs or brushes are part of the default items in every bag. They can save your lives, turn a bad hair day into a happy ending and so much more.