At one point, a newly married young man was shouting at his 20-year-old wife. His father called him aside and said, “We only shout against people that our cries or threats can scare but not our wives.

Let me tell you this my brothers, the way you shout, you give your power to your wife. Your threats make her stronger. Most men think that when a woman is threatened, she is under control but women are not changed from fear. A woman can remain silent when a man threatens her and shouts at her but she is not sitting in her. It evaluates the weakness of the man and how to control it rather.

Remember the days when men beat their wives casually at the slightest provocation. Today, most of these men are older and suffer the consequences of their actions. The women beaten by their husbands years ago are those who enjoy marriage with their children today, mothers have the sympathy of their children.

Men! Clearly understand that to penetrate a woman’s heart, one must not try to threaten or control her. God spoke to men and said, “Husbands, love your wife.” Do you need an elaborate explanation of this scripture? Love makes women weak. When you really love a woman and show it to her, she will submit to you without scruple.

But when a woman has felt that she looks like your toy, you just want to use her or you are domineering and controlling, the spirit of rebellion takes it. She may not physically stand on your path, but she is preparing a shot at you and one day you will see her sit down and watch her and her children force you to follow their rules or die faster.

Almost all the great and ferocious kings you know have died before their wives. They have lived all their lives threatening their fellow men and women. They were able to kill most of their fellows, but all the women they threatened remained alive. Women know how to survive against men.

The “lion” among men does not frighten women and does not force them to submit, it is love that overcomes a woman not strength or threats. This could subject other men but not your wife. Women naturally know how to survive pain. They can walk towards the fearful serpent and make their requests. They have a resilient mind.

There are things that women fear but not the lion inside men. They can submit and respect their men so stupidly that you imagine that there is no guts inside. They have the courage that men do not have, like your wife in submission.

en have no compatible or cordial relationship with women by showing the lion that lives in them. God knew women before us and told us to show love more than threats. He gave men the formula, recipe for a happy home, happy and fulfilled home and that’s love!

This formula of loving your wife will help you win her. When a woman is loved, you break her guts and she stays in your hands. A woman can do anything to stay with a man who is honestly in love with her. Speak softly to your wife, love her, cherish her, do not shout her and you will win her and earn points. Do not arrogantly display your weakness as a man by shouting and threatening her.

Source: Counsellor Ernest Nkatta