Texting has become such an integral part of how we communicate. With the evolution of technology, a lot of things are changing. Communication is changing, and more of it is being done via social media and text. However, evolution or not, common reasoning suggests that you should know the right time and avenue to say certain things.

As much as you can say anything via text or social media, not everything should. A large part of cultivating good relationships with people is communication, and this includes how you act on your mobile phone. Sometimes that amounts to losing the phone altogether and opting for an in-person discussion

‘I LOVE YOU’ (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER): If you’re used to telling your man you love him in real life, there’s nothing wrong with doing so again in a text, but you just can’t break it to him for the first time via text. A subject that has to do with love deserves a face to face conversation, I believe.

SENDING SCREENSHOTS OF PAST CONVERSATIONS TO PROVE HIM WRONG: Not only does this make you seem like someone to avoid, since you keep record of past conversations, it also has the capacity to cause more trouble in your relationship when the issue was already resolved.

‘ARE YOU IGNORING ME?’: This kind of message reeks of pity, and desperation. If your man is ignoring you, chances are he won’t even respond, so why waste your time, and sell yourself short? A call might be a better option.

SENDING EMOTIONALLY LOADED TEXTS: You can’t accurately read emotions over texts. We have managed to figure out some ways to express emotions, but for the most part, tone gets lost through text messages. So, when you send your partner an emotionally loaded text, your partner may not get the full implication of the message. This can cause a lot of frustration and hurt feelings. This also leaves the message open to incredible misinterpretation.

‘I SEE YOU!’: When you spot your man in a place you didn’t expect to see him, the best thing to do is walk up to him, and let him know you’re there too. Sending him this kind of text would make you seem like a stalker than a lover.

‘WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO?’: Sometimes, this actually means ‘how have you been?’ But because of the way it’s said, it’s misunderstood for a desperate attempt to see one or a lack of trust on your part.

YOUR FRIEND IS REALLY HOT.” In a guy’s mind, he should be the only one for you even if you do window shop now and then. Don’t make your man insecure by telling him how hot you think his friends are, especially because you wouldn’t like it if he did it to you.

‘IT’S OVER!’: No matter what he’s done, breaking up with your man via text is the most disrespectful thing to do. It’s even worse if he wasn’t expecting it.

‘WE NEED TO TALK.’: If you send these words to a man, then you might as well have sent him a text saying “it’s over”, because that’s what he will most likely be thinking about. Even if he doesn’t think that this is what you meant by it, “We need to talk” sounds urgent and official. It sounds like, whatever the topic of the conversation is going to be, it’s certainly not going to be pleasant.


You really shouldn’t ever send a text like this, because this does sound clingy and desperate. Guys do like their space sometimes and they hate the thought of being pushed into saying things. If he loves you, he’ll tell you when he’s ready, and he probably won’t do it by text.

Source: William Kabutey Dosoo | GhanaNewsPage.Com