List of Freemason members in Ghana

    First, we have to understand what Freemason is and its primary aim. Freemasonry is one of Ghana’s largest organization that has no affiliations with either religion or politics. They are involved in major charitable organizations across Ghana.

    They are a well-funded organization depicted by their members who are seen as wealthy in society.

    The Freemason members in Ghana are picked from different lines of work. Shockingly, there are even Freemason pastors in Ghana.

    Once they are together, nothing like ethnic or political perspectives divide them. They pool resources together to conduct their charitable nature through donations to the immediate society.

    They also come together in case one of their members is faced with financial problems.

    Their membership in Ghana has been skyrocketing recently as many freemason musicians in Ghana are coming out of the closet. Many people often compare freemasonry to Illuminati. But the two are different things altogether.

    Illuminati is a satanic cult while Freemasonry is an organization with no religious affiliations.

    The success of Freemason Ghana has been attributed to the rise of influential and successful leaders who are believed to be the founding members of the organization.

    Their organization has made headlines in the local news especially after the building of the Ghana Freemason Hall. They also established a freemason lodge in Ghana for their members.

    Judging by their ever-growing membership, we can say they are here to stay. Freemason Ghana members have spread over the years into the churches, entertainment industry and even the Government of Ghana has been compromised.

    Some of the notorious and self-proclaimed members of the freemason in Ghana are listed below.

    Self-proclamation of its members can be optional depending on the members themselves.

    John Agyekum Kufuor 

    He is the former president of Ghana. This shows the hierarchy the members of the freemason have. He was appointed the Senior Grand Warden of the United Grand Lodge of England.

    This was before he was spotted in Britain where a major conference was being held by the Grand Masters of the Freemasons.

    Many speculations have been made regarding Freemasonry in Ghana, many relating it to a cult where human sacrifices are made.

    Otumfuo Osei Tutu 11 

    He has been linked several times with Freemasonry in Ghana. He was seen accompanying the former president John Kufuor in Britain for a crucial Grand’s Masters meeting. He has also confessed openly being a member.

    He further pleaded to abide by the principles he was taught and also upheld them during his governance as Asantehene.

    He also urged others to join Freemason Ghana as it was the way forward. He even went further to launch a book about Freemasonry in Ghana.

    Henry Martey Newman 

    He served as a former chief of staff during the time of former president John Ata Mills in 2009. He still carried on with the work even after the demise of the president in 2012.

    He, however, handed over his office after President John Damari Mahama was sworn in.

    Dr. Alex Tweneboah 

    He is alleged to have been kicked out of the Brotherhood after a certain incidence that led to his arrest. He was caught in a fraud case with the police and arrested.

    This supposedly angered the brotherhood since it was against their principles and he had to be kicked out. He was the former president of the Ghana Real Estate Developers.

    Otwasuom Osei Nyampong VI 

    He is the current Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ghana. He revealed in an interview that he has been in the freemasonry for close to over 30 years. But he further clarified and shed light on its operations.

    He denied claims that it was a cult, he said it was a society formed to increase awareness of brotherly love and truth.



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