LIVE stream: National Science and Maths Quiz Grand Finale


    Needless to say, this place is parked – inside and outside.

    If you tell the fans here its a science and maths quiz, you could be told to tell it to the marines. For the thousands here with no science background, this is a social and bragging rights contest.

    Feisty chanting fans here have had to be held in check through the strenuous effort of soldiers and weary organisers.

    Old Toms of Aquinas out number the two schools but Prempeh College outnumber them when it comes to the trophy cabinet of the NSMQ.

    There will be no marks for cheering only marks for correct answers.

    135 schools began, only three remain as a triangle of schools from the Ashanti, Central and Ashanti regions square it off at the National Theatre.

    The prize is the 2017 National Science and Maths trophy.

    Adisco, Aquinas eye a second trophy, Prempeh College demand a fourth.