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    Political party vigilantism and the government’s seeming lackaidaiscal approach to dealing with the canker remains a concern for many as members of the governing party’s Invisible Forces continue to dominate the headlines this week.

    A diplomat who is more concerned about the welfare of party members at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian and an apology of sort which has done little to remedy a bruised reputation – Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa remains adamant to resign his post despite pressure from a section of Ghanaians for his comments described by many as divisive in nature.

    Also, is it the construction of a new guest house or the refurbishment of an old building, and at what cost to the tax payer? The ‘fight for truth’ rages on as former President John Dramani Mahama fends off attacks from the Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD for forcing the company to spend several millions of Ghana Cedis in the construction of a facility in his hometown, Bole.

    These are some of the key issues political commentators will be dealing with on this week’s edition of Newsfile on Multi TV’s JoyNews channel.

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