Maafo, Nyaho must shut up over corruption in Ghana Football – Former Kotoko PRO


    Former Chairman of the Ghana Football Association, Dr Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe and the Senior Minister Mr. Yaw Osafo Marfo have been asked to shut up about the state of football in Ghana.

    The two who recently have been in the news for accusing and counter accusing handlers of the game of corruption, are in fact the reason for the bad state of football in Ghana.

    “Executive Director of The Press Foundation, Mr. Listowell Yesu Bukarson, reacting to their comments said, “Nhaho and Osarfo Marfo at one point or the other, were in key leadership positions of sports, what did they do to ensure the game didn’t get corrupted”.

    “Dr Nyaho Tamakloe talks rather too much, mostly about things he has no idea about. He has become a populist. Vain populist if you ask me” What did he achieve as Chairman of the Ghana Football Association? He said.

    On the other hand, what was Mr Osarfo Marfo’s interest in making those unfortunate comments? What purpose was that comment supposed to serve. Was he not once the Sports Minister, what did he also achieve”?

    “Who in this country doesn’t know our football is corrupt and bedeviled with one controversy of corruption or the other? So as the Senior Minister of the government which came to power on the backs of corruption, is it enough to merely raise concerns about corruption in our game and do nothing about it? Needless. He added.

    “I challenge Mr Osarfo marfo to prove his claims or the FA should take him on” He fumed.

    The International Freelance journalist, believes that, notwithstanding, the media must take up its role in the fight against perceived corruption in our game.

    “Every now and then you hear of corruption is our football but sadly you hear the media only discussing these allegations and not really doing enough to investigate same” He said.

    The former Public Relations, Supporters and Marketing Manager of Kumasi Asante Kotoko SC, charged clubs to help rid the sport of such allegations since it goes a long way to hurt the brand of our football thereby warding away prospective sponsors.

    “No corporate institution will want to identify with a bad brand. Not for all the rice in China and so if high profile persons make vain comments of corruption without evidence, it puts the game in a bad light and therefore sponsors shy away” He advised.

    Adding that, “When sponsors fail to invest in the game, in the end, it’s the clubs who suffer.

    “I will advise Dr Nyaho and Osafo Marfo to stop the attention seeking comments and be real with our game because the destinies of many a Ghanaian depend on football” He charged.

    The Senior Minister must be asking himself what his Sports Minister has so far contributed to the game for him to have the guts to make these needless and baseless accusations.

    “You have the mandate, you are in power, you are in fact, the Senior Minster for heaven’s sake, if you think the game is corrupt, rather than just talk about it, deal with it”. He said.

    “The GFA must have the balls to also take the Minister on to prove his case to save the image of the game which undoubtedly has dwindled over the years.” He called.

    “The talk is needlessly and baselessly rather too much. If it’s broken, fix it. He said.