Madina MP Threatens Judges

    Member of Parliament for Madina Francis Xavier Sosu has warned judges in the country not to engage in politics as the NDC will ‘deal with political judges politically’ if they win power.

    According to him, “If you are a judge, your fidelity is to the constitution of Ghana and the laws of Ghana. If you allow yourself to be used as a political judge so that you can do the bidding of the ruling government be warned, be warned because we are watching closely at you and in the 7event that there’s change of power, every political judge will be fished out, every political judge will be dealt with politically”.

    “So please stick with the law let us do our politics,” the legislator who is also a lawyer told the media at demonstration in Accra on Thursday.

    Also speaking at the demonstration, the General Secretary of the NDC Johnson Asiedu Nketia said the party will abolish the controversial E-levy if they win power in 2024.

    “We will abolish it within the first 100 days we assume power. It is not taxation. It is daylight robbery. Taking people’s capital from their pockets”.

    “We are not against taxation. Taxation is for value addition. But we will not sit and watch the government to keep robbing us”.

    “The E-levy is not taxation, it is daylight robbery. The alternatives are there. Who in his right senses in this country asked the Minister for Roads to argue that we abolish the road tolls and convert the toll booths to toilets and washrooms?” he added.



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