‘Magician’ casts spell on University student, robs her


    “It was so swift; I didn’t see what happened… I followed his orders like a soldier, he spelled me…” these are the words of Queen Tee, a level 300 marketing student in one of the renowned private universities in Accra, as she narrated her ordeal.

    It has become a norm noticed by the few superstitious people on campuses in Ghana about men neatly dressed, hovering around well-known university precincts, allegedly possessed with  some ‘dark magic’ believed to aid spell castings on young females to rob from them.

    These spells however control the minds of the young ladies to go into their respective hostel rooms and sum up all electronic gadgets together with any amount of money they possess, whether hidden or pocketed, and give it out freely without asking the ‘strangers’ a word.

    Queen Tee, one of the victims told that on her way to her hostel, a young man, in his thirties, approached her and gave a speech that arrested her mind.

    According to her, he professed that he was a pastor on his way to one of the renowned Universities to have a Christian prayer program with them.

    Yet he further claimed he had seen in a vision of Queen, and further declared that a faceless person in her family eagerly wants to kill her mum spiritually hence she needs to do something about it.

    She said, as a deep rooted Christian, she fell immensely victimized by the cold envisaging words that came out from the mouth of the ‘man of God’.

    The unidentified man after creating a friendly rapport, instructed Queen to go inside her hostel and bring a laptop plus any amount of money she has on her so he would prevent the spiritual chaos likely to happen in the future to her mom.

    She claimed she was petrified and followed his orders like a spell was casted on her.

    “He said they want to kill my mom. Aside I have this big star or sign and a woman wants to take the star away spiritually. I was scared and being a Christian I was sunk in his words. I love my mom. I feel he casted a spell on me. I gave him everything he asked…”

    Queen added that, “I was back to my senses when he left me praying so hard to save my mom. I can’t believe took all he wanted.”

    She described the looks of the faceless man as, “wearing a white long sleeved shirt (not tucked in), nice shoes and brown trousers. He really looked responsible. He has black spots on his semi-bald head. That’s all I can remember…”

    According to her, the HP laptop costing around GHC 1,500.00 wasn’t hers but that of her roommate and this matter raised the bar of her financial burdens.

    The, money she claimed, was the last she had to spend for the rest of her semester and her mom had just sent it to her out of a tighter budget.

    “I have to replace the laptop at a cause so hard to own the consequence. I feel so sad and bad. I don’t know what to do with my life right now. I want to just go. I wish I could end everything now or rewind time to walk past the stranger…”

    “The laptop isn’t mine. It’s my roommates. The amount I had on me was GHC 200.00 Ghana Cedis. I don’t know where he passed. He told me to go and stand by a pole and pray. I should say “the Lord’s prayer three times. I don’t know how it just happened. I felt dumb and obeyed…” she noted.

    Adomonline’s Dennis Kofi Adu in an interview with some of the female students, disclosed that, this is not rocket science hence it happens most of the time.

    And they believe the ‘magicians’ use spells or sorcery to control the minds of the girls.

    One student, Amanda, openly said she was deceived in the same manner at another campus somewhere in another University.

    With her, she summed up her roommates five laptops and mobile phones and delivered them single-handedly to a stranger freely without paying mind only after he had bolted away in a similar manner.

    “Likewise, I gave him everything. It was like all he said to me moved me. I could not do anything but listen and perform what he says. Nodding positively without attention…” she maintained.