Mahama now PRO for ‘thieves and corrupt officials’ – Abronye DC


    Former President John Mahama has now become the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for persons who engaged in various acts of corruption under his administration, the Brong Ahafo Regional Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has scoffed.

    The former President criticised the current administration for sacking and forcing out some key government appointees and laying off some workers it said the Mahama-led administration employed without following due process.

    He took to Twitter to defend the integrity of his administration lambasting the New Patriotic Party government of indulging in “unacceptable” dismissal of workers.

    “Bad precedents for our governance. Mass sacking of workers by the NPP govt unacceptable. #OneGhana #OnePeople”, Mr. Mahama tweeted Friday evening.

    Reacting to this on his Facebook wall, Kwame Baffoe also known as Abronye DC said he was shocked the former President would defend personso who ‘looted the coffers of the state’.

    He thus described the former President as the spokesperson for ‘thief’s and corrupt officials’.

    Below is his full post:

    “Stop exhibiting incompetence as immediate past president of Ghana. What do you mean by mass sacking by Nana Addo government , Are you telling Ghanaians that your board members at the NCA who chopped $4m just like that should be maintained in office. Are you telling Ghanaians that Dr Stephen Opuni who nearly collapse the cocoa industry with your wife lordina as the main supplier on everything including sanitary pad at the cocoa board should be maintained in office. Are you telling Ghanaians that the Standard Board Authority Executive secretary by appointed by you who looted the state should be maintained in office. The SADA rot n you say that they the CEO and board members should be maintained in office. NIB boss , ADB boss , GCB boss , Colonel Damoah ,Director of manpower , Ghana Arm forces ,National Youth Employment Coordinators at the District level including 88 national security officials and 442 newly recruited military men were all sacked from office when was the vice president and chairman of the police council .Under Nana Addo government your corrupt youth employment coordinators who created the Geeda mess are still in Office. Your wife who failed to supply fertilizer to cocoa board at a cost of $380m even though she was paid fully is now walking free and you’re talking about human rights abuse. If the Dog fails to shout on thief it means there is sharing between the Dog and the thief” . We thank God for your appointment as Public Relations Officer for Thief’s and Corrupt officials under your previous government. Let’s meet at the usual place n exchange cigaar n Alomo bitters.