Majid Michel shares pictures of church divine healing session


    Veteran Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has shared yet another photo of him forging on his Christian path with his fans on his Instagram profile.

    Following former actor Majid Michel’s surprising turn to Christ, Ghanaians home and abroad voiced their opinions both in support of the former actor’s decision, and to say that the actor was just going through some form or phaze.

    Nevertheless since that fateful day, the actor-turned-prophet has continuously surprised his critics in his steadfast determination to remain on the path of the “good book”.

    He’s repeatedly posted messages on his social media pages reiterating his zeal to serve the Lord, and further the cause of the Christian faith.

    In his most recent social media post, the actor has shared a picture of a divine healing session he led in a church and captioned the photo with long message cautioning doubters from questioning moments of divine healing.

    See full post below:

    “Let me tell you it wasn’t the outside world that fought Jesus when he was here on earth, but it was church members.

    I said it was church members and it was preachers and it was priests that fought the Lord Jesus Christ. And I want you to remember another thing too, that it wasn’t the prostitute and the drunkard and the liar that crucified my Lord but it was a bunch of dead church members that nailed him on a cross.

    The reason preachers don’t preach divine healing and the Power of God today is for the same reason the religious leaders in Jesus’ day didn’t preach it. After Jesus let the blind see and let the lame walk, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons.”

    Let me tell you, if you oppose Divine healing you don’t oppose Majid Michel, neither do you oppose a hand full of Pentecostal preachers, if you oppose Divine healing you oppose the work of the Living God, who is opening the eyes of the blind and causing the lame to walk and the deaf to hear brother you are not opposing Man, you are opposing Gods work!!! it is written and it’s REAL that my JESUS HEALS.!

    it’s been tested, it’s been tried, and it fully satisfies. Well it’s written and it’s real and it’s for YOU, to put a smile in your heart and hope on your face or vice versa. #LEADERSHiP”.