Ghanaian reggae and dancehall artiste, Samini has hinted of becoming President of Ghana in the near future.

According to the reggae artist, the problems Ghanaians are facing now are somebody’s “Short comings in the hierarchy”

“I think that all of these are little failures we need to check. If we’re trying to fix it we should fix so that it doesn’t go back to what it was before that only cost us money and that is definitely somebody’s short coming in the hierarchy. Somebody has chopped some money that they shouldn’t have chopped.

So, something that was meant to be bought maybe a certain switch that has to be 100 dollars then maybe another replica made for 15 dollars, my man will go and take the 15 dollar and come and bill Ghana for 100 dollars for Ghana to pay 100 dollars and then the switch that meant to work for 10years because its 100 dollars will work 2 months because you bought it for 15 dollars’”

He reacted on the power outage when Benjamin Akakpo asked him about the frequent ‘Dumsor’ in some parts of Ghana.

Speaking to Benjamin Akakpo on the Accra based Class FM on Thursday 14th March monitored by, the ‘Obaa’ Hitmaker born Emmanuel Andrew Samini revealed that if he becomes the president of the republic of Ghana, he would share some some things for free, especially food.

“If you don’t make me the flag bearer, these things all can’t be solved. Am 37 now so maybe 10 more years by then I will like one of the biggest farmers in Africa. I’ll have so much money, I will feed people for free and then they’ll just make me president”

Samini is currently promoting his UNTAMED album which is number 8 on the Top 10 at the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart days after it premiered.

Source: Ghana | | William Kabutey Dosoo