Man City Fan Pens Emotional Message Asking Yaya Toure to Lift Champions League Curse on Pep Guardiola

    A Manchester City fan with the username @Cityzilla has penned a heartwarming message to Ivorian legend Yaya Toure to revoke the curse placed on City manager Pep Guardiola.

    The staunch City fan reckons that the widespread reports of a Yaya Toure-inspired curse have been the main reason behind the club’s near-miss of the Holy Grail, the Champions League title.

    In a post on Twitter, spotted by Sports Brief, @Cityzilla literally begged Yaya Toure to lift the curse on Pep Guardiola, manager of Man City.

    Since the Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed-led takeover of Man City in 2008, the hierarchy of the club and its teeming fanbase have yearned for the Champions League trophy, which has proved elusive.

    Last season, the Citizens missed the ‘big-ear’ trophy by a whisker losing by a lone goal against Chelsea and painfully lost in dramatic fashion against Real Madrid in this season’s edition.

    What did the City fan write to Toure? To Yaya Toure, “I am here on behalf of me and all supporters of Manchester City Football Club politely asking that you lift the curse set by your agent on Pep Guardiola in 2018.”

    “I am aware there were conflicts between you and Pep, however, I am not aware of the specifics. Regardless, the fanbase that adores you and the club has suffered enough under this curse.”

    “Whatever has happened with Pep, the Man City fan base would feel great relief if it was resolved and the curse was lifted, so that we can finally win the UCL we’re all so desperate for.

    “As you know, we’ve also signed Erling Haaland. Imagine us winning the UCL with Haaland in his first season. I hope you take this into consideration.”



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