Man commits suicide after court seizes his properties for his ex-wife

    A man has reportedly committed suicide in Akyem Aninase in the Eastern Region of Ghana after after allegedly jumping before a moving vehicle.

    According to information available to GhanaNewsPage.Com, the man whose name we do not immediately know had been attempting suicide on several occasions for reasons which was known to only a few.

    One of the antics, a source told this website included standing at the backs and fronts of vehicles deliberately so he can end his life.

    He was however found dead on a highway in Akyem Anyinase on Tuesday where many believe he was hit by a fast moving vehicle which did not unfortunately stop to help convey him to the hospital.

    “His head has been crushed beyond recognition…,” the source told this website.

    The source continued that the woes of the energetic looking man commenced after his wife divorced him. The woman was said to have dragged the man to court after the divorce demanding for her share of the properties acquired together.

    The court in its ruling, reportedly gave a greater percentage of the man’s properties to the ex-wife leaving the man with just a few.

    This ruling of the court, the source continued led to the mood swing of the once gentleman who always plied the route to exercise.

    “And we believe this might have been one of the main reasons why he committed suicide…,” the source said.





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