Man swerves CCTV camera; steals GHC 5,000 from GCB Bank


    A man believed to be in his 50s has defied more than six CCTV cameras at the Assin-Fosu branch of the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) to steal Five thousand cedis (GHC 5,000.00) from a client in the bank premises.

    The victim narrating his ordeal to Adom News said he suspect’s the thief had an intelligence support from a worker in the bank which needs immediate redress to avoid future occurrences.

    He explained that, his mother, Roberta Okoh sent him on an errand to transfer an amount of GHC 7,500.00 at GCB bank in Assin Fosu to a company in Accra.

    The young man, who was in a long queue, claimed he was approached by a gentleman in the bank premises urging to give him a protocol service supposedly to avoid the long queue of which he basically complied.

    But to his surprise, the gentleman gave only GHC 2,500.00 to the teller and made away with the remaining GHC 5,000.00.

    Interestingly, the alleged thief was not captured properly where he can truly be identified in the CCTV footage.

    “My mom asked me to take the money to make a deposit. There was a long queue so I was standing far back. The man approached me and asked me if I had written on my deposit paper and I answered.

    “He came back and assured me of checking for a free teller. So he told me to give him the money so he can help me give to the teller as protocol to do my transaction quicker. I realized he was coming towards me and I didn’t feel good because he wasn’t with the money.

    He continued that “I asked the teller if he knew the man but the teller denied. GHC 2500 was taken from the money. It was GHC 7,500.00. I rushed out upon realizing that the man was a thief but could not see him.  I feel he had some connection with the teller because they went along well in their actions as I was looking at that from behind…” he cried.

    The victim claim residents are now raising concerns as to where he had intelligence support from a worker of the bank even though management claims the cameras work very effectively.